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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Amazing Horse Story (At Least to Me)

This posting goes well off the beaten path for this post as I want to tell you a story about a man and a horse, so please indulge me.

The particular person involved so happens to be me.  For those who know me personally, they know I have more than my share of health problems.  As a result, one day a week I go to a barn to work with horses.

Today I worked with Cheyenne, and I was to lunge her.  Cheyenne loves to lunge but for some reason she was a little slow in getting started as I lunged her to the left.  I was then going to lunge her to the right but she refused to move one inch, no matter the type of urging attempted.  As a result, the person with me tried to get her to lunge and as soon as she got her started I was going to take over so  I needed to stand by her.  I must confess, I had a hard time keeping up with the other person and then I got a little light headed and sat down.

We tried again to lunger Cheyenne and once again she refused to move, except to stand between the two of us.  There was no way she was going to lunge again so we gave up so we brought her back to her paddock..

I was slightly winded afterwards but didn't think anything about it.  After I got home, a little later I didn't feel too good and all of a sudden, it hit me, I knew what was wrong; a bout of A-Fib (Atrail Fibrillation).  Son of a gun this mare sensed something was wrong with me before I knew it and she protected me from having a problem (at least there).

To me, it's not that big a deal; A-fib happens enough to me (If you develop the problem and never had it before, you need to get to an emergency room fast) that I know what to do.  A few days of rest and a lab visit and it should break on its own.  When it happens often enough to you, you don't panic as you know what to do.

I told the person I was with today about it and she confirmed for me that horses often can sense when someone is about to have a health problem and Cheyenne's getting between me and her was Cheyenne's way to keep me from even trying to lunge her again and have who knows what problem.

Cheyenne the wonder horse
All I know is next week, someone is going to get a big hug and some apples.

To me, it another example of how amazing and intelligent these horses are.  How we can even think of sending such wonderful animals to slaughter boggles my mind.  Yet, it happens.

This is a feel good story.  No comments will be accepted on this story.   Thank you for indulging me.