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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Atlantic City's Savior is a Diving Horse?

This summer, thanks to the Casino Reinvestment Development Act (CRDA) in an effort to revive Atlantic City, plans are to bring back the diving horse to the Steel Pier.  In fact, they have authorized a $6 million grant to bring this act back to the Steel Pier?  Governor Christie's response?  "Visionary".

Here is a news report on it complete with vintage video:

View more videos at:

So I guess it takes a diving horse to save Atlantic City.  This will get those people hitting those slot machines at Yonkers Raceway or Allentown, PA to jump in the car and drive down to Atlantic City.

Did you know there was the Charles River Speedway in Boston that once hosted harness racing?  Neither did I.  Here is a story complete with pictures which documents a racetrack from an era long ago.

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