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Friday, February 3, 2012

Another Example of Why Levy Point System Works

Tonight, the Meadowlands will not be racing their fourteen horse 1 1/2 mile race due to the fact only eleven horses entered, not the fourteen the condition sheet called for.

In one way the Meadowlands made a mistake and should have let this race go with only eleven starters.  But the decision was made to go with a full field or not at all. When you limit a field to fourteen horses, and especially $7,500 claimers, horses may need a week off.  However, it is possible the horse may have gone elsewhere to race for the week in an easier spot.  If a point systsem similar to the Levy series is used where 25 points is awarded to each horse that meets the starting gate if the race fills or 25 points is awarded if the race doesn't fill, horses may still need to take the week off, but you would be sure a horse didn't decide to race at Monticello to pick up an easy check one week.

As the Pennsylvania tracks start opening having points for your order of finish and just starting may be the way to keep fields full.

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