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Friday, July 1, 2011

Well, He's Consistent if Nothing Else

The NJRC giveth, and the Governor taketh.  The $15 million dollars the NJRC approved to be split equally between harness and thoroughbreds was vetoed today by Governor Christie.  You may find the veto message and the above link to the press release interesting to read as the demagoguery that NJ's Governor typically presents.  For the record it was not state funds being used but funds from the separate Casino Reinvestment Act; money from the casinos. Oh, and the NJRC's function is not to protect the state but to regulate and promote horse racing, but what is a few details?  We can't let fact get in the way of a good blustering press release.

Of course, no one really expected it to be approved.  Perhaps the NJRC and racing interests decided to seek the money just to see if the Governor, in a good mood after vetoing a tax increase on those making $250,000 a year and up and line vetoing programs the lower and middle classes depends on all in the name of 'shared sacrifice', would let it slide.  Or, maybe they just enjoyed tweaking the Governor one last time.  Either way, no harm no foul.

Track Record at Goshen is Shattered:  Flipper J, driven by Jason Bartlett smashed Goshen's Historic Track's record with a 1:52.4 victory in a NYSS event for 3yo Colts, breaking the 1:55 record set by Justin Kin back in 1992.  It seems no track is immune from the speed explosion.

If you are going away or not, have a good Fourth of July Holiday.

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