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Monday, July 18, 2011

They're Back. What Now?

Just what racing interests need now that the situation in New Jersey has stabilized.  Governor Christie has issued another executive order extending the existence of the New Jersey, Gaming, Sports and Entertaiment Advisory Commission (aka as The Hanson Commission) through  June 30, 2012.

As you recall, the Hanson Commission was the one which called for the state to get out of racing and to close the Meadowlands.  While the decision was made to ultimately lease the Meadowlands to Jeff Gural for an extended period of time, and not just the original five years for transition as the report suggested, the existence of the same commission which tried to kill standardbred racing cannot be a welcomed development as long as Jon Hanson remains at the helm of the commission.  In the meanwhile, John Brennan of The Record reviews what the Hanson Commission suggested and what transpired. 

One can't help but wonder what this commission will have in store for horse racing next.  With luck, nothing.

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