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Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Masses Speak: Let Walter Return

Something which amazes me, thought it probably shouldn't it is the desire for fans to have Walter Case Jr return to the sulky.  I check my statistics every day and this blog entry I wrote back in January 17 still gets hits and often is the most read on any given day and people are still responding; most favorable to his return.

Not that we condone Walter's actions, but the man has served his time and deserves a chance to return to the sulky and prove himself to see if he has truly become a changed man.  While Walter has violations on his racing record, none of those violations involve race fixing nor has he ever been accused of such actions.  Yes, he has kicked a horse once to many, perhaps whipped one too hard but Walter is said to be a new man, one more mature and wise.  I am not suggesting we forget his past, but he is entitled to a chance to prove he is a changed man.

This is not say all should be forgiven.  Walter needs to be kept on a tight leash, at least initially to make sure he can drive with more finesse than with a foot out of the sulky.  As with anyone else with a history as his, the obligatory random drug testing is necessary as well.  These are things which are a product of his past for which he needs to deal with.  But for a society which lets Michael Vick return and others who have been disgraced, to keep Walter from what he loves to do without giving him a chance is unfair to him as well as mean spirited by the industry.

Forgive and but don't forget.  But let Walter Case Jr. return.

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