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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meadowlands Lease Delay; Your As Old As You Feel

The formal completion of the lease of the Meadowlands has been delayed 45 days due to a short cut taken by the Christie administration.  According to the Asbury Park Press, Christie was required to notify the legislature of the lease agreement, something not done until this week.  Now that the legislature has been notified, the leases can not be formalized for another 45 days to provide for the legislature to theoretically reject the leases.  Of course, that will not happen.  What it does mean is the new management at the Meadowlands and Monmouth Park may not be able to take formal control on September 1.  Again, it is only a procedural delay.

Unless it was a mistake when naming drivers, it appears on Sunday afternoon, in Buffalo Raceway's 2nd an 3rd races, trainer Robert Bencal named John Whitmore to drive his entries.  What is so special about this?  Mr. Whitmore was born in 1910 making the driver 100 years old.  It will be interesting to see if Mr Whitmore actually will be driving or if driving changes will be made.  These are not small overnight events he is scheduled to compete in, but NYSS races.

Update: Buffalo Raceway reports there will be driver changes announced on Sunday for Mr. Whitmore. 

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