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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Post Lecture Results - Thursday Cal Expo Pick 4

After SBOANJ President Tom Luchento lecture, the Meadowlands was finally able to put together a Friday night card; sort off.  Yes, there are ten races but what wagering opportunities they are:

  • Race 1 - Pace; Mares 4yo $20,000 Claimers - 6 horses
  • Race 2 - Trot; NW16000L5 -  6 horses
  • Race 3 - Pace; Mares NW10500L5 - 6 horses 
  • Race 4 - Trot; NW10000L5 - 7 horses
  • Race 5 - Pace; Mares Inv - 7 horses
  • Race 6 - Pace; Mares NW16000L5 - 7 horses
  • Race 7 - Trot - NW8000L5 - 10 horses
  • Race 8 - Pace - Mares NW6000L5 - 8 horses
  •  Race 9 - Trot - NW6000L5 - 10 horses
  • Race 10- Pace - 3-4yo NW2LT - 9 horses 

That's it, a total of 76 horses.  Three six horse fields; three seven horse fields; one eight horse field; one nine horse field; two ten horse fields.  Enough said about that.  Apparently, Luchento's letter had some effect; 137 horses dropped into the box for Saturday.  In the meanwhile the draw schedule at the Meadowlands has been changed so they draw before Chester and Pocono.  With this, horsemen have no excuse with regards to what if they enter and the race doesn't fill?  They will now have time to drop in elsewhere if they don't fill at the Meadowlands.

Tomorrow morning, Jeff Gural, Tom Luchento have a meeting with the Governor.  It is conceivable, though not likely that they may walk out of that meeting with a lease agreement.  Remember, the new drop dead date is June 1.

Meanwhile, as I have been doing lately, here comes my analysis of the two Pick 4s at Cal Expo.  Both Pick 4s feature a 15% takeout with the late Pick 4 featuring a $10,000 gtd gross pool.

Early Pick 4 (Races 2-5)
Race 2 - #3 Intrepid Kate picked up in his second start at Cal Expo after shipping in from Fraiser Downs; and has a good spot to pick up the win.  #6 - Frankly Scarlett shows the best form but seems to have a hard time this year picking up the wins.  Would be a solo pick if coming from the inside. 
Race 3 - #3 Alpine Hawk is all you need to know in this race.  Takes slight drop and seems to be the only horse that can keep up a strong trot the whole way.  If looking for an upset shot, you may want to consider #6 Dudis Angel who won first start out west against cheaper.  Was racing in 5Ks at Meadows, but who knows what his limit is out here.
Race 4 - #1 Ailene's Prince seems to be unbeatable.  No need to go further.
Race 5 - #5 Hope Tu Place - Has been just missing.  It is now or never.  #3 Bit O Lavec won straight before last.  Needs to come from off the pace.
Selections:   3,6/3/1/3,5 - Total $4

Late Pick 4 (Races 6-9) - $10,000 Guarantee
Race 6 - #7 Miss in Love won on class drop; tries again.  #1 Mighty Kicker lost to top choice in last race.  May be able to reverse results.  #5 My Tryin Ryan still looking for first win this year; can add value to Pick 4.
Race 7 - Wide open affair.  #5 Little Box Out brushed twice to victory last week; one of my favorite angles.#4 Shoot The Works has been on the top of his game as well.  #6 Wrangler Reward is an aggressive type of horse, while not my first choice adds value to Pick 4.
Race 8 - Tough race.  #7 Bobby Baccala steps up after victory in 2.5K.  Will need to be at his best to handle class hike.  #6 Meringue continues down the class ladder but has not shown much; can't see playing at 6-5.  Admit this is the race which may beat me.
Race 9 - #6 King Carver shows tons of talent but is prone to breaking.  If he stays flat he runs away from this field.  #4 Badger Creek won last race and is worth looking at if afraid of the #6's gait issues.
Selections: 1,5,7/4,5,6/7/4,6 - Total $18  

Harness Racing History:  Click here to see photos of harness racing in Russia back in 1909.


Rich said...

Thanks for trying to keep interest alive in California harness racing! It's pretty lonely out here for us west coasters.

Pacingguy said...

That's the idea. The rest of the industry has foresaken CA. No, the racing is far from high quality, but the fact you are still racing out there is a tribute to the horsemen at Cal-Expo.