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Monday, May 30, 2011

Patience is the Word

Some people may be concerned that the thoroughbred horsemen have not yet come to terms with Morris Bailey at Monmouth Park which is necessary for him to take control of Monmouth Park which presumably has some influence on the closing of the lease for the Meadowlands on June 1.  After all, after the holiday concludes today, there is one more day until the June 1 begins.

Well, the date appears to be a target date but not a set in stone date.  I contacted someone at Monmouth Park and when asked if there would be racing next week even if the horsemen did not come to terms.  Hence, I would expect the soonest a drop dead date will apply to Monmouth Park would be June 12, when the initial condition book is completed.

Again, an annoying delay to closing on the Meadowlands lease, but nothing which should keep it from being consummated.  Patience apparently is the word.

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Anonymous said...

For what its worth, I read somewhere that the beginning of July is the earliest date for Bailey to take over. and i think the 2nd coondition book is up on the monmouth website