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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disappointment in Illinois?; EBC Preview

Illinois horsemen, prepare yourself for disappointment once again regarding slot machines at the racetracks.  Yes, the Illinois House of Representative's executive committee approved a bill permitting slot machines at the tracks, but they also allow for five additional riverboat casinos and for an extended parimutuel meet at the Illinois state fairground and slot machines there as well to be operated while the race meet is underway. 

Okay, I am sure the horse racing people are not thrilled about the additional riverboat casinos, especially with one in Chicago, but political reality is what it is so they have to accept its inclusion in the bill.  Where the idea of an extended parimutuel meet in Springfield with its accompanying slots come from, is a mystery to me.  The Harness Horsemen did not ask for it.  Governor Quinn has already made it known that he opposes a large scale expansion of gaming in the state; whether five racinos reaches that threshold, is unknown, but the Governor has made it known he objects to adding slots to the state fairgrounds.  So perhaps it was a legislator looking to plant a poison pill in the legislation.  Hence, while not certain, assuming the bill gets through the house and the senate before the current legislative session ends on Tuesday, be prepared for the potential of a veto.   

Foiled Again Has a Better Night Than I did - Foiled Again on attempt number three hit won the Molson Pace at Windosr Raceway.  Numbers have not come in, but it looks like the guaranteed Win 4 pool was not hit.  As for my selections; a few winners at miserable prices but not much better.  Part of that has to do with my lack of familiarity with the Canadian racing product outside of WEG tracks, part of it was I just stunk , plain and simple. 

Any way, here is a replay of the Molson Pace so you can see how easily Folied Again did.

Empire Breeders Championship - The EBC final for 3yo NY sired pacers will be run at Tioga Downs on Sunday night, while the trotting finals will be held at Vernon Downs on Monday.  You may be asking why I am paying so much attention to NY sired races?  The fact is with the lack of racinos and the uncertainty that has been surrounding the Meadowlands, New York sired horses on the whole are superior to New Jersey sired horses.  In addition to the EBCs, we will also look at a couple of finals of late closing series at Tioga Downs.

Sunday, May 29, 2011 - Tioga Downs
4th Pace - $279,175 - Empire Breeders Classic - 3yo Filly Final
1 - New Album (Brennan, 9-2) - Finished 1st in her elimination, must include.
2 - Whats New Pussycat (Sears, 20-1) - Barely qualified.  Will be no where at the end.
3 - See You at Peelers (Johansson, 2-5) - Take the 2-5.  She's as sure as it gets.
4 - Shyaway (Miller, 12-1) - Shocked bettors with second play finish against New Album.  Minor spoils at best.
5 - Southwind Jazmin (Miller, 8-1) - Parked to a third place finish.  Consider for exotics.
6 - Swinging Beauty (Zeron, 10-1) - Rounding into form.  Second best.
7 - Winbak Corazon (Fluet, 50-1) -  A distant fifth in last.  Will  be distant this week.
8 - Song In A Major (Merton, 50-1) - Bad draw and tested for class. 
9 - Miss Annie J (Tetrick, 25-1) - Distant third to Peelers. Draws poorly.
Selections: 3-6-1-5

7th- Pace - $32,700; The M&J Oil & Lube Pace - 3o Filly Final.
1 - Maggy's Tart (Merton, 10-1) - Winner of last week's leg.  Serious contender.
2 - Arts Beach Babe (Lancaster, 10-1) - Slightly tailed off from first leg.
3 - Artsy Princess (Hensley, 5-2) - Won last week in speedy :53.4,  One to beat.
4 - Shabalalabadingdong (Miller,  8-1) - Meeting slightly tougher this week.  Pass.
5 - White Jade (Brennan, 9-2) -  Has been running off-on week after week. Last week was an off; who knows?
 6  - Boat House Row (Braden, 15-1) - Upset victor last week.  This week it won't happen again.
7 - Busybeingfabulous (Mukkerm 7-2) - Best efforts from the outside.  Expect better effort this week.
8 - Carole;s Bullville (Tetrick, 6-1) - Picks up Tetrick this week.  Upset possibility.
9 - Bettor B Genuine (Kakaley, 15-1) - Won last week but gets the worst of the draw.
Selections: 3-7-1-2

8th Pace - $289,925; Empire Breeders Classic - 3yo Colts
1 - Roadside Delight (Brennan, 3-1) - WLikes on elimination; albeit weaker division.  Must be respected.
2 - Fantaddy (Zeron, 4-1) - Parked out victor in last week's elimination.  Can;t ignore.
3 - Sir Ziggy's Z Tam (Lachance, 12-1) - Trounced last week.  Don't expect improvement.
4 - Samandar (Kakaley, 8-1) - Finished second with broken equipment.  Worth a look at long odds.
5 - Fashion Delight (Miller, 7-2) - Just missed in seasonal return and draws in.  One to beat.
6 - Feel Like A Fool (Sears, 9 2) - Followed up Simpson victory with a flop.  Still has plenty of class.
7 - Flipper J (Tetrick, 15-1) - Fair effort for seasonal debut.  Draws fair.
8 - Bettor's Green (Grismore, 20-1) -  Seems not to have a good chance here.
9 - American Allard (10-1) - Likes outside post but may be in deep.
Selection: 5-6-9-1

9th Trot - $30,900; The Tioga Country Club Trot - 3yo Filly Trot
1 - Balmy Breeze (Mattison, 7-2) - Won first week and took week off.  Draws rail which must help.
2 - Lotto Winner (Schillaci, 8-1) - Won last week so can't be totally disregarded.  But others appear better.
3 - Cameo Credit (Marohn, 8-1) - Finished second off mini vacation.  May be a threat if improves.
4 - Cash On The Rail (Tetrick, 5-1) - A little flat in last race but picks up Tetrick.
5 - Broadway Starlet (Hensley, 9-2) - Came back strong this year.  One to beat.
6 - Bonbon (Ackerman, 10-1) - Lightly raced filly finished twice in seris.  Needs agressive drive.
7 - Tui (Paquet, 3-1) - Eye opening victory in last race and must be respected.  This race does figure to go faster.
8 - Sleek Jessie (Fluet, 15-1) - Won last week but draws outside.
9 - Amourus (Rattray, 10-1) -  Two seconds in series but moves outside.
Selections: 5-1-9

Monday, May 30, 2011 - Vernon Downs
6th Trot - $283,475; Empire Breeders Classic - 3yo Colts
   3 - Evil Urges (Whittemore, 5-1) - Won last week and draws rail once again.  Would not shock.
   1 - Dejarmbro (Smedshammer, 9-5) - NYSS Champion returned strong in first start.  One to beat.
1A - I'm The Answer (Sears, 9-5) - Won his elimination in faster time.  Completes strong entry.
   2 - All In Tad (Schnittker, 3-1) - Finished 3rd to top choice last week.  Likely outcome this week.
   4 - Surface Tension (Daley, 8-1) - Has yet to get on track this year.
   5 - Keenan (Lems, 10-1) - Lands share with best effort.
   6 - Whatever It Takes (Miller, 6-1) - Finished second to top choice in last.  Completes Trifecta.
2A - Whitewater Rapids (Gregory, 3-1) - Draws poorly again.  Tab for later.
2B - Wheels (Tetrick, 3-1) - Another draws poorly.  Will have his chance; just not this week.
Selections: 1-1A-2-6

9th Trot - $238,225 - Empire Breeders Classic - 3yo Fillies
   2 - Temper of Will (Whittemore, 10-1) - Expect improvement with move to the rail, but may not be enough.
   3 - Em El Cash (Smedshammer, 6-1) - Still a maiden.  Will still be a maiden.
   1 - Jezzy (Tetrick, 2-1) - Never lost in upstate New York, but odds will be too low.
   4 - Four Damsals (Gregory, 9-2) - Much improved this year.  2 for 2.  Could win at decent odds.
1A - Epona Blue chip (Schnittker, 2-1) -  Hasn't been a factor yet this year. 
   5 - Imageofasweetday (Stark,, 8-1) - Finished second to Jezzy in last, but moves out.
   6 - Leah's Ex (Mac Donald, 10-1) - Follows up decent Simpson effort with lackluster effort.
   7 - Miss Sue V (Miller, 3-1) - Ran out of steam in first start.  Likely nees another start.
1B - Some Girls (Sears, 2-1) -  Draws the worst of it.  But picks up Sears.  Not totally out of it.
Selections: 4-1-3

I'm not one for elimination or preliminary legs of races, but The Maxie Lee late closer's 1st leg at Chester Downs has a strong field of trotters, including Pilgrims Chuckie, Corleone Kosmos, and Buck I St Pat.  So let's take a look at this race wgucg will be contested Sunday.

Chester Downs, 5th Trot - $40,000; The Maxie Lee LC #6; 1st Leg
1 - Syenite (Callahan, 12-1) - Has not raced against this caliber.
2 - Hot Shot Blue Chip (Miller, 10-1) - Habit to break has cost him fame.  Your guess if the good or bad Hot Shot shows up.
3 - Pilgrims Chuckie (Dube, 9-2) - Needs a few starts to hit peak.  Tab for later.
4 - Corleone Kosmos (Campbell, 7-2) - Won Inv at Meadowlands.  Horse to beat.
5 - Anders Bluestone 9Pierce, 5-1) - Winner of six starts this year. Trying better this week and should hold her own.
6 - Looking Hanover (Gingras, 8-1) - Finished well beaten fifth at Meadowlands.
7 - Buck I St Pat (Tetrick, 5-2) - Finshed 2nd in Cutler.  Will land share but don't expect aggressive drive in leg 1.
Selections: 4-5-7 

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