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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having Their Say - Edition 2

Here is another response to my question what is wrong that we can't people in the seats?  This time, the individual involved, Dave Elliot, the Assistant General Manager and Director for Racing at Cal Expo responds.  Dave's  name is being used as he has indicated he has no problem with his name being used and he wants to be part of the conversation for making the game more attractive.

Opinion coming from a non slot subsidized facility.

You have touched on some of the reasons already. In the 21st century, we treat our animals differently than we did 40 years ago. There is a lot more attention to the welfare of the animals now than in the past.

Our game is confusing. Win Place Show Exacta Trifecta Superfecta Pick 3 Pick 4 etc., with a takeout of this and that and you win if you if you bet to show but only 40 cents?????????? Huh? It is not simplified.
Casino Gaming and cards are getting the attention of the younger player. Its easy to pull the handle on a slot machine and challenging/fun to play cards against a table of other players. Cards allow the player to be in complete and full control of “their own” game (gambling) at all times.

Our expenses are through the roof with various labor positions thereby not allowing us to hire more positions to work as docents in the grandstand. We should have enough greeters to address as many people as possible. The profit margin for racing does not affort us this opportunity.

Horsemen’s expenses for feed, shoeing, vet, have all increased thereby limiting their buying power for replenishment of their stock. The horsemen that race at non slot supported tracks are at an extreme disadvantage at the sales when trying to purchase. How could you possibly succeed at convincing an owner to purchase a hard knocking claimer for $20K only to have him race for a low purse at a non slot supported racetrack?

It doesn’t matter to me if you use my name or not. I have nothing to hide and am willing to discuss any of the racing issues for the betterment of our game.

Thanks for taking on this task.


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