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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Amateurs to the Rescue

You will hear many gamblers complain about amateur races.  Truth be told, I am one who can take one or two amateur races on a wagering card, but I hate it when you get an entire card full of amateur tilts as tends to be the case on one card a year at Monticello Raceway.

However, after this past weekend at the Meadowlands, I am beginning to think all those haters of amateur events are like those people who claim to hate Barry Manilow.  If all those people hate Barry Manilow, how do you explain all those records he sold?  With more than 80 million records sold, someone has to like him; dare I say some of those haters are among him.

Same with all those who hate amateur races.  At the Meadowlands this past weekend,  just over $627,000 was wagered on two races on the Friday night card.  That's a lot of money considering no one likes those races; no doubt some of those haters were wagering into those pools.  Could it be what the punters don't like about amateur races is the typical small pools they draw?  If you get good pools, the gambler will wager into those pools with a flourish.  Granted, sometimes handicapping those races is a little more difficult due to the lack of drives these drivers get overall, but it still takes a good horse to win a race.  With luck the dividend for having a winning wager will compensate the horseplayer for the extra variable in the equation.

Amateur races at the Meadowlands have been a godsend.  Not only are the races supported at the window, but they fill two of the races on Friday night, making it easier for Racing Secretary Peter Koch to not only complete the Friday card but provide more flexibility in carding Saturday night's program.  

So here to the amateurs competing at the Meadowlands.  Drive on (just not every race please).

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