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Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Scandal Whimpering Out?

Remember the big news of New York State ensnaring some big name trainers with Glaucine positives; a scandal which spread to New Jersey to see what would happen to trainers of a certain track operator?  Would this case provide evidence of equal justice or show favoritism being played out when it came to exclusions?

In case you forget, at the time the initial story broke, Jeff Gural had specified horses owned or trained by those originally named re-tested and pending those results, was waiting for New York to act.  It now appears he was right to handle this scandal in this manner. 

Late Thursday, Harnesslink reported, the first three trainers have been named for Glaucine positives were named by NYGCB.  Glaucine is a prohibited substance but it appears for at least these three trainers , there was no proof the substance being administered either accidentally or deliberately.  As of now, the only action taken by the racing board is to disqualify the horses and order purse funds paid returned.  

Clearly if the horses raced with a prohibited substance it would have been unfair to the others in the race if the horses weren't placed last and the funds not restored to be redistributed.  It also would have been unfair to penalize the trainers if the horses had positives due a circumstance out of their control.  Hence it seems the board acted with the judgement of Solomon.

Of course, the question some may be asking is what about the other trainers named through the grapevine?   Is it each trainer's case is being handled individually and their cases have yet to be adjudicated?  What will happen if trainers are unable to submit proof of environmental contamination?

We shall see but I suspect when all is said and done, this big-time scandal will end with a whimper.

A new way to encourage better racing in eliminations?  While we aren't discussing the eliminations of the Dexter Cup (with regards to handicapping) being contested today at Freehold, it is interesting to note instead of the traditional 50%-25-12-8-5 purse distribution, the eliminations will be contested using a distribution of 60%-25-8-5-2.  Perhaps the increase in the winner's share and reduction in the purse for 3rd through 5th will be enough to get those who may only race to advance more incentive to be more competitive.

Balmoral to be Resurrected?  SC reports the auction for the assets of Balmoral Park has been suspended as an offer came in on the day of the auction for Balmoral Park; lock, stock, and barrel.  It is unknown at this time who the bidider is but by May 3rd we should know if a savior to the track really does exist.


Philip Sporn said...

How about 60-30-10? we pay the bettors three places?

Pacingguy said...

The problem is you can argue through 4th since the bettors get paid for that position when there is a superfecta.