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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

NYSGC Lowers The Boom....

...But not on the alleged positives of glaucine which had earlier gotten press in some sectors of the industry for those supposed violations involved renowned trainers.

Instead, six trainers have been found allegedly in violation of NYGC rules for cobalt.  Trainers Tyler J. Nostadt, Joseph Carrubba, Dennis M. Washington, Sean M. Campbell, Megan M. Gilmour and Dawn M. DeVaux, are alleged to have violated NYSGC rules and have been suspended immediately pending hearings due to the severity of the violations.     

Nostadt, Carrubba, and Washington, supposedly having horses with cobalt at levels in excess of 300 ng/ml face suspensions of 10 years or license revocation plus fines of $25,000 per race day violation.

Campbell, Gilmour, and DeVaux, supposedly having violations for cobalt at levels in excess of 50 ng/ml face additional suspension or revocation in addition to fines of $25,000 per violation. 

Out of the combined sixteen positives, two were the result of out-of-competition testing.  The remainder of the positives came from post-race samples at Monticello, Saratoga, and Yonkers.

In addition to facing adjudication by the NYGC, the commission is referring the cases to law enforcement for possible animal cruelty charges.

No doubt, due to the seriousness of charges, appeals are likely by at least some of the trainers and we can expect these cases to go on potentially for years until settlements or all appeals are exhausted.

In the same press release, the commission did announce it is looking at 30 post-race positives for glaucine for which at present they are seeking to see if the positives are due to contamination.  Should it be determined the positives were due to deliberate administration, they promise 'significant' penalties.  As expected, no trainer names were mentioned regarding these positives.  This is the first time the NYSGC has formally issued a statement on the glaucine cases in writing.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Meadowlands management has conducted any of their own testing on samples from the accused Glaucine trainers, and if so, what the results were. I believe Mr. Gural stated that he'd be doing his own private tests, but to the best of my knowledge (based on what I've read), his preferred lab in Japan doesn't even have a test sophisticated enough to detect the potent alkaloid. If samples WERE indeed sent to Dr. Maylin, it would be nice if the results could be made public!