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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Horses Needing a Home

Here is a posting I found on Facebook on the Horse Rescue United page.  There are two reasons I am posting this listing (this won't be a regular practice); to see if these horses can be placed; to show the problem people have finding rescues for their horses.  In this case, the person in possession of these horses will humanely euthanize them rather than send either to a sale where they will face an uncertain future, possibly ending up at a slaughterhouse.

As unpleasant as humane slaughter is, it shows responsible ownership.   It is easy to sell the horse at auction and let someone else deal with an unwanted horse; it's not easy to put down perfectly healthy horses.  Of course, it would be ideal if each owner would have their own farm so their retired horse could live out their lives but this is not the way it works; people in apartments or suburban homes own race horses so it is not practical for them to retire many at boarding facilities.  Even those who have their own farms may not be able to keep their own retiring horses if they are experiencing a particularly bad year racing them.

Anyway, here is the posting.  If interested, contact those listed in the postings directly.


URGENT: HRU only has ONE MONTH to find another rescue, foster or adoptive home or Vicky and Courage will have to be humanely euthanized.
Sadly our small rescue only has so many resources and space available. These horses were heading to be amished and at high risk for kill, but we only have a limited amount of time to assist them.
To offer an adoptive OR foster home, or if you know of a responsible horse rescue with space, please email OR - thank you and please share!

BIG SKY VICKY - 5 year-old 15.3 hand bay Standardbred mare - pleasure driving or trail/pleasure riding (under evaluation)

Vicki is a very sweet horse who can be a bit nervous at times, but has relaxed considerably with the right care.

She has an old suspensory injury that became sore during racing, so she was retired to prevent damage. Perfectly sound for pleasure driving or trail/pleasure riding.

Vicki is not yet evaluated under saddle but likely suited for an intermediate to advanced rider. Great ground manners and good with other horses.
Horse Rescue United's photo.

 FIRE WITH COURAGE- 19 year-old 15.3 hand bay Standardbred gelding - pleasure driving or trail/pleasure riding (under evaluation)

Courage is a laid back, kind horse with a husband type personality. He has been a babysitter to weanlings over the past several years, after having earned $170,000 on the track.

He should make a nice pleasure driving horse and will be evaluated under saddle, likely a nice advanced beginner to intermediate trail/pleasure horse. Great ground manners and good with other horses.

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Cindra Gendron said...

Thank you for posting this and for highlighting the difficulty in finding adequate homes for ex-racers! I applaud the owners for trying to do the right thing.