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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Playing Favorites?

Chuck Sylvester has been hit with a positive for Cobalt.  While the veteran trainer doesn't know how this happened, he understands as the trainer of record, he has to take responsibility as the State of Pennsylvania has handed him a 15 day suspension and a $500 fine held in abeyance until the results of the split sample came back.

The question some may ask is assuming the split sample comes back positive, what happens to the veteran trainer with respect to the tracks operated by Jeff Gural?  After all he trains two horses for Gural.

Well, if you subscribe to what the anti-Gural voices say, those who claim his policies are arbitrary and he plays favorites, life will go on and this positive will just get shoved under the carpet.

Guess what?  Jeff Gural has already said if the split sample comes back positive, Sylvester will become persona non grata at the three tracks.operated by Gural..  In addition the two horses Sylvester trains for Gural will be sent to another trainer.

What is that about playing favorites with regards to drug positives?

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