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Friday, July 24, 2015

Indiana Implements Fair Start Rule, Who (if there is) is Next?

Indiana has implemented the fair start rule  (page 4), giving protection to the horseplayer for the first time in an American state.  The fair start rule is a step in improving the product which Murray Brown of Hanover Shoe Farms, once said sucks.

The question is which state, if there is a state, will be next?  New Jersey considered a fair start rule which seemingly went through the slow-track and when it finally reached the NJRC for adoption was defeated as they found every excuse to over complicate things in order to vote against the proposal,  no doubt with the approval of racetracks and horsemen who feared the return of money to the players, losing the small amount in commission.

The Fair Start  Rule is the first test to see if people are seriously looking to improve the product.  If states are looking to improve the product they should take the Indiana rule and implement it promptly, as soon as possible.

The horseplayer is waiting to see who acts next.  In the meanwhile, Indiana will be my 'go to' state when looking for racing action.

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