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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Horse Slaughter Returning?

Here we go again....

An amendment to ban the USDA from using funds to provide inspection services for horse slaughtering was defeated in the House Appropriations Committee according to the Paulick Report.  This means at the start of the FI year 2016, October 1, 2016, the USDA will be required to provide such services allowing for the resumption of horse slaughter if so desired.

An amendment may be offered on the house floor to ban the practice but it is unlikely to pass if the vote in committee is any indication.  In the 24-24 vote, 23 of the votes opposing the amendment were cast by Republicans with the sole Democrat, Henry Cuellar of Texas joining the GOP in turning the proposal down.  With the Republicans controlling the House, it is seems to be an impossible task for the amendment to succeed on the floor.

However, if the Senate Appropriations Committee (also  Republican controlled) approves an amendment, the bill would likely have to go to conference where the amendment may survive, but as of now, we are a step closer to horse slaughter. Therefore, it's important to lobby these members of the Senate Committee to support the continuation of the ban on horse slaughter.

 If the budget passes without a prohibition against inspections, don't expect the President to reject the budget on this issue as it would potentially cause a government shut down.

While the amendment did go down to defeat, the following GOP members of the committee should be commended for supporting the amendment; Ander Crenshaw (FL), Charles Dent (PA), David Jolly (FL), David Joyce (OH), and Kevin Yoder (KA).

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