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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Evidence the Bleeding in New Jersey is Continuing

Showplace Farms in New Jersey, one of the preeminent training facilities has announced it is throwing in the towel and closing, effective October 1.  Showplace was the first major training facility in New Jersey just down the road from Freehold Raceway.  With the close of Showplace, it is clear New Jersey harness racing is still in decline.

A new  race fixing scandal has resulted in three arrests.  What harness track did this happen at you ask?  None.  Three jockeys in Louisiana have been arrested for allegedly fixing a race at Evangeline Downs..  In addition to the race fixing charge, two of the jockeys were charged and accussed with using a buzzer on their horses on two different occasions.

So the next time someone tells you harness racing is fixed, make sure you mention this case to them.  The truth is sadly regardless of the type of racing it is, on occasion someone may decide to cheat in order to cash a ticket.

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