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Friday, July 17, 2015

DK's Pick-3 Selections for Meadowlands Pace Night

Knowing how well I do on exotics, I called in my friend DK whose wager of choice is the Pick-3.  I know some people don't care for the Pick-3, but of all the exotics there are, I think this one has the best value.  Three favorites come in and the wager pays little, but all to often, all it takes is one decently priced horse in the sequence and you get a nice return on your investment.  If you have a limited bankroll, the Pick-3 is the wager you should be looking at.

Without further ado, I turn this blog entry over to DK.

Hello again, it's DK, Pacingguy's friend from Michigan.  It's been a long time since I was asked to post on his blog but I'll try my best to find some value.  I must say, what a great card to watch and try to handicap.  Nothing has changed from my previous point of view, I don't like betting individual stake races because favorites tend to win too often and offer little value so I thought I might try something different using my favorite wager....the Pick 3.  While betting the larger Pick 4 wagers offer bigger pools, playing the Pick 3's offer good value if you're good enough to catch a nice price in the sequence.  Enough talk, let's get down to the business at hand.

Race 2:  2,3/2,5,9/1,2

Race 4:  1,2/3,7,10/3,6

Race 6:  3,6/2,3,7/5,8

Race 8:  5,8/2,8,11/4,9

Race 9:  2,8/4,8,9/2,6

Race 10:  4,9/1,2,6/2,6

Race 12:  2,6/3,5,6/2,9

That's what I've come up with, good luck with what ever wager you decide to play.  Remember, there always seems to be a race or two that go off the rails on big race day/nights.  I hope you find that race or two.

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