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Friday, December 5, 2014

The French Connection Continues; Trip Data

They like it, the Yonkers Raceway foreign races and as a result, there will be 31 cards simulcasted to France next year including some late Tuesday afternoon action.  It is anticipated a total of 173 races will be offered during the year.

This Sunday's matinee card should be interesting at Old Hilltop as for this week alone, there will be no overseas racing.  Since the racing will not be sent to Europe, all the trotting races return to the traditional mile distance and 8 across.  It's a shame Yonkers decided not to race any of the tilts at the 1 1/4 distance.  Let's see what their handle will be.

Are you like me?  You don't have time to watch all the replays but you want to know if a horse ran into problems in their last race.  What can you do?  Well, up to now, many tracks don't bother putting comments in their program so you have to hope there is an alternate publication which provides this information; usually having to pay for it.

That's unless you play the Meadowlands where harness trip notes are available at which will have trip notes for races contested atthe Meadowlands, Tioga Downs, and Vernon Down.  Due to the limited number of tracks covered at present, not every horse will have comments and/or may have races contested elsewhere missing but the price is right; FREE.  In addition to the Meadowlands plans are for Harness Trip Notes to be available for the 2015 Tioga Downs and Vernon Downs meet.  Harness Trip Notes, it is worth checking out.

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