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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Michigan Suspense. Closes Out 2014

Tonight, the eyes of American harness racing will be on Sports Creek Raceway as Aaron Merriman and Ronnie Wrenn Jr. take their quest for the national dash winning title to Swartz Creek for the least night of racing in 2014.  Wrenn currently has a five win lead over Merriman.  This may be the biggest night of racing ever at Sports Creek.  It may also be the last as a contract dispute between the MHHA and Sports Creek Raceway enters the final stage.  Under Michigan law, Sports Creek is required to cease all racing options without a signed agreement.

The dispute?  How much will the MHHA support track management by contributing part of the purse account towards operation of the track.  Currently, they offer $8,000 a night to track management which they offer Northvillle yet Sports Creek claims it isn't enough.

Will Sports Creek and the MHHA come to an agreement at this late juncture?  If not, how long will the track be closed before an agreement is met?  Perhaps more importantly will be if the track is forced to close will it ever reopen?

The year may be changing but nothing seems to change in Michigan.

For those TVG customers, today's harness racing activity is limited to Balmoral Park, Western Fair District and Northlands Park with Monticello Raceway in the afternoon.  However, the only track which will be shown live on TV is Western Fair.

Happy New Years to all.  May 2015 bring you plenty of big hits.

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