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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Solvato Victorious in the Prix De Bourgogne

Solvato won today the Prix De Bourgogne at Paris-Vincennes today, winning the 2,100 meter contest in 2:32.07 (1:12,4 kilometer rate; 1:56.3 mile rate).

Maven took the lead early in the race (#7) as Yannick Gingras (wearing Jimmy Takter's colors) sought to get the mare in good position.  She was then passed by Texas Charm and Ready Cash to end up in third place along the inside.  Unfortunately for Maven, while she had a chance in the stretch, her day was finished when both Texas Charm and Ready Cash went off-stride, forcing Gingras to collect her up to avoid being run into by the breakers, eliminating any chance of finishing well.  The net result was Maven finishing unplaced (not in the top ten)..  

The top ten finishers in the race were:

1st - Solvato (#17) - 1.12.4
2nd - Up And Quick (#1) -  1:12.5 (DH)
2nd - Tiego D'etang (#5) - 1:12.5 (DH)
4th - Roxane Griff (#9) - 1:12.5
5th - Kadett C D (#10) - 1:12,6
6th - Severino (#2) - 1:12.6
7th - Timoko (#3) - 1:12.7
8th - Talicia Bella (#16) - 1:12.7
9th - Oibambam Effe (#18) - 1:12.8
10th - Uhlan Du Val (#4) - 1:12.8

As much as Maven finished unplaced, she was still alive in the race when disaster broke.  Assuming a decent post position in her next race and some racing luck, Maven may be a factor in the race, especially since Takter plans to use a European driver in the next event which will be contested from a standing start.

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