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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Year of the FFA Horse

What can you say about Sweet Lou after last night's performance at Hoosier Park where he set a new track record in 1:47.2?  Phenomenal is the word I would use right now.  Unbeatable is a pretty good word to describe him as well.  Take a look and see what I mean.

Sebastian K, you have some competition for Horse of the Year.  All of a sudden, this is the year of the FFA horse on both gaits.  Both Sebastian K and Sweet Lou have been thrilling race fans wherever they race this year and quite honestly, there is nothing to suggest things will be different. the rest of the year.

Bob Marks wrote a column for DRF Harness regarding the 'Gural' rule which penalizes horses which go to stud at four by making their off-spring ineligible for many of the major races.  As you can imagine, the connections of Captaintreacherous can't be thrilled with the rule as he has not had an inspiring season racing against older horses.  The fact is being required to race against older horses is a true test of a horse's ability (assuming they have not been hampered with injuries) as it shows the horse's ability when they are mature going against mature horses, not just racing against horses of their own age.

While I like the fact we have horses racing past three instead of rushing to the stallion shed, I rather the decision be made willingly instead of by force.  There should be an incentive for a horse to race past three instead of a penalty for stopping,  Perhaps we can have added money events where horses who are four race for a 25-50% premium over the rest of the horses in the race or even have an additional sustaining payment to stakes races for those horses which are off-spring of a four year old stallion.

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