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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kudos to NY, Biting the Dust, Gold Cup and Saucer Field Set

Jay Bergman reports on big changes coming to Yonkers Raceway to accommodate patrons of PMU, the agency which handles wagering in France.  Sunday racing will be returning to the Old Hilltop for the first time in decades to accommodate the French market with the first five races being contested European-style.  Over-sized fields, and extra distance races will be on tap and it looks like the old International Trot will be returning in 2015 with a major stakes race for North American horses occurring on Yonkers Trot night to gauge 'local' support.

Lord knows I have criticized the SOA of NY and Yonkers for allowing the status quo to remain intact.  It is only appropriate to give credit to the very same people for being willing to make changes which they may normally feel painful.  Here's hoping come November 9, Yonkers and their horsemen reap the rewards for making changes.

Another One Bites the Dust:  Revel Casino, the last new casino to open, thanks to state tax credits and infrastructure assistance by the state, has announced they will be closing as of September 10 as no qualified bidders have arisen for the property.  This will be the fourth casino to close this year.  Two other casinos are due to close by the end of September.  Revel, according to the Governor was supposed to be a game changer in Atlantic City.  Well, in the two years of existence and two bankruptcies the Revel went through clearly the game didn't change.

Gold Cup and Saucer Field Set:  With the final trial of the Gold Cup and Saucer in the books, the eight horses competing in the $75,000 final have been determined.  From the first trial, winner Aracache Hanover (1:51.4) leads the quartet followed by Bigtown Hero, Shock It To Em, and Island Jet.  From the second trial, winner Mickey Hanover (1:50.4) leads Take it Back Terry, Scott Rocks, and Wazzup Wazzup.  Post positions remain to be drawn for the final which will be raced on Saturday night as race 12.  If your ADW carries the race, make sure to watch and wager.  This is not only the biggest racing event in the Canadian Maritimes, it is one of those races which Canadian trainers and owners want to win.


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