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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Briefs

Harness Racing Update has reported that someone(s) had broken into the area where blood samples, ready to be sent to labs is held and stole them.  While no one can say why the samples were taken, one has to wonder if someone was looking to destroy a sample which likely would have come up 'cloudy' (another term for a positive sample).  We don't know of the area where the samples were held, but obviously they need to be better secured and under video surveillance.  I would like to think other tracks would take note of this situation and upgrade their security procedures, but unfortunately where cost is involved, it isn't likely.

Earlier this week, I discussed the latest parimutuel RUS race which was conducted at Georgian Downs.  Video was not available at the time but is now available on Youtube.  For your convenience, the video has been embedded in this posting.

A reader of my last blog entry used the lack of more than eight horses dropping in to race the Cane Pace, as proof the race doesn't belong in the triple crown.  Maybe the race doesn't belong in the triple crown any more, maybe it does; that's not the case.  You would think a race going for $435,000+ would draw more than eight entries.  Even if it went for $330,000 without the three supplemental entries, it is a nice amount of change too; enough money to draw the attention of horse owners.

Lastly, another proposal for a casino at the Meadowlands has risen.  I try not to talk about these proposals because tehre are going to be a bunch of them and quite honestly, it is premature as a referendum to add gambling outside of Atlantic City is no slam dunk for passage by the electorate.  However, if you want to read about it, you may find it here.

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