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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blaming the Right People - Wednesday Briefs

I've been involved in a discussion with individuals who were talking about horse racing 's failure to detect doping cheats, many clearly throwing the gauntlet of responsibility to racing itself.  I need to disagree.  As I said in response to their comments the following.

I think in some way blame is being assigned to the wrong individuals.  The industry is constantly being blamed for the cheating but the problem people tend to forget is the detection of said doping is up to the regulators AKA state government agencies (i.e., the State Racing Commission); the same people who have their budgets cut, operating on a shoestring,   In other cases, these are people who are political appointees who don’t want rock the boat. 

Maybe it is because racing is marginally making a contribution to the states’ revenue stream or is actually a net loser for the state other than it supports the state’s agricultural business.  The drive to improve doping detection is just not there.  If the regulators lack the will to invest in better or new methodologies to identify doping such as biological passports, the best plan in the world will go nowhere..  Rest assured if racing was contributing a significant amount directly to state budgets, the racing commissions would be partners in developing the best testing procedures possible..

Hence, if there is any hope of improving blood doping testing, It lies with Federal oversight through the USADA.

I often thought the casino industry shouldn't be able to get rid of gamblers who are too successful such as card counters as they are doing nothing wrong despite the industry labeling them cheaters.  This is one of the reasons why I prefer race horses.  Well, I guess it is a good thing I don't live in new Zealand where TAB, the only legal wagering firm off-track.  According to Harness Racing Insider, Graham Beirne is being limited by TAB in his wagering as he is winning 6% more than he was last year.  I  understand 6% is a karge amount, but as long a he isn't cheating, he should be allowed to make his wagers.  Hopefully TAB will be able to reach an accommodation.

Congratulations to those who organized the first standardbred show at the Maryland Sate Fair this week.  Not only do those who show standardbreds deserve an opportunity to shine, it gives those who may be looking for a horse of their own an opportunity to be exposed to standardbreds and mak them think these horses have a career outside of pulling a wagon for the Amish.

Big time gamblers will be looking at Saturday's Hi-5 wager at Mohawk Raceway where the guaranteed pool starts at $647,331.72.  Being this is the end of the Mohawk meet, there is a mandatory pay-out.


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