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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Here's an Easy Way to Become a RUS Supporter

As you know, in the United States RUS events are non-wagering races where purses are funded via donations.  As a result, it means supporters must seek out individuals and groups willing to take on a sponsorship role.  In some cases, the very people racing, including riders, are making donations to fund the purses even though the riders are not taking a riding fee.

Currently, there is a Gofundme campaign underway to raise money for purses to introduce RUS to new tracks with the initial goal to fund a modest purse for a race at Rosecroft Raceway.  Any excess funds raised will be used towards RUS purses at Freehold, The Red Mile, and wherever else needed.

Of course, once parimutuel wagering is offered, there will be no need to raise funds this way as the races will be funded from purse accounts but if you enjoy watching RUS and want the ability to wager on it in the future, you may wish to donate to this campaign whether you donate $5, $10 or whatever you wish to contribute; any amount donated will be appreciated.  Please note any contributions are NOT tax deductible.

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