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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon Briefs

Miami Valley is getting ready to race in three weeks.  Of course, having a license from the racing commission would help.  It is expected they will get the license but it has been like pulling teeth from the racino operator who has tried to do the bare minimum to get racing going so they could get their racino license.  The latest battle is regarding on how many tellers there will be (they wanted to have none) and the sight lines.

In Atlantic City, home of 11 casinos (the Atlantic Club closed for good yesterday), four more casinos dropped horse racing simulcasting, leaving only the Borgata offering it.  So if you are dragged down by your spouse to go to Atlantic City (why, I may ask?), show your support by going to the Borgata.

The quarter horse horsemen group representing 'horsemen' in Gretna, Florida took their appeal of the Administrative Law Judge's ruling that barrel racing was not allowed in Florida to the 1st District Court of Appeals in Florida and to say they didn't do very well based on the questions the judges peppered them with would be an understatement.  If you want, you can watch a replay of the hearing by clicking here.  Of course, they have since dropped barrel racing in Gretna and are now doing 'drop flag racing' in an effort to get around the original ruling.  This horsemen group is not the FQHRA organization which represents horsemen in bona fide parimutuel events at Hialeah Park.

Usually, I don't delve much into the runners, but Southern California Race caller Trevor Denman was recently on the Roger Stein Show in Southern California.  What he says is interesting and in some topics such as whipping and horse rescue what he says about thoroughbred racing should resonate in harness racing.  You can read his remarks here.

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