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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Changing the Wagering Menu

Horse racing has become in many ways a stale sport; wagering being one of them.  While exotics have been added to the menu, mostly Pick-X wagers, no changes have been made to the traditional, Win, Place, and Show wagering.  Quite honestly, it is time for a change.

It is time to put show wagering out to pasture.

Let's face it, with all the favorites who win, show wagering tends to be a low payoff wager, certainly not the wager which is going to attract newcomers to the sport.  Sure, there are those show payoffs which pay well, but they tend to be the results of failed bridge-jumping or the extreme long shot managing to get on the ticket.

In addition, in harness racing when you get short fields or standouts, tracks tend to cancel show wagering which disappoints the gambler.  Nothing more annoying than being told the wager you want is not being accepted.  The fact tracks are on the hook if a minus pool certainly doesn't help.

What should happen is that we adopt the European place wager, a wager which if there are more than six horses racing, is treated as if a show wager but if less than six horses, the wager is treated as a traditional place wager.  This way, the money which would be wagered on place and show wagers would likely be consolidated into one pool and if you get less than seven horses, the gambler has a better chance of getting a decent return.

Cal Expo is offering an on-track, on-line handicapping contest this evening where the winner earns $500.  There is no admission charge.  The contest combines over/under propositions with racing.  Why not take a look at the contest and give it a try?

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