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Sunday, January 12, 2014

News Item: Harnesslink Reports Meeting of Horsemen and Freehold Management is Scheduled for Wednesday

It should never have had to get to this point but according to Harnesslink, Freehold management will be meeting with horsemen this Wednesday to discuss track conditions at the raceway and other items.  This comes on the heels of the crash involving the starting car and the field during the fifth race on Friday.

The one thing which puzzles me is why no horseman rode with the track crew between the races?  When the weather is dicey, a horseman should be riding along with the track crew in between each race looking for things such as icy or uneven thawing conditions as done at Monticello Raceway.

On other sites, some state if the mobile barrier was attached to a 4X4 instead of a traditional sedan, it may have prevented the situation.  It is true most tracks who replace gates are using 4X4s instead of cars, but there is a cost involved in upgrading.  Would it have prevented this problem?  Possibly, but the only way to prevent such problems 100% is to have cancelled racing.

Hopefully, the meeting on Wednesday will clear the air and things can move forward.

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