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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why the Step Back?

I owe an explanation to those who enjoyed the previous format of this blog as to why we are taking a step back from the dynamic view which allowed you to see the start of multiple articles in  a single section instead of scrolling down to see them.

It boils down to being able to see the important information on the sides of the blog.  First of all, if you used something other than Google Chrome and to a lessor extent Firefox, you didn't see all the additional information on the sidebar.  Even with Chrome you saw some tabs for the additional information but unless you rolled over a tab and stayed there, you didn't see the additional information.

Now I realize you may not be concerned with this additional information, but I would like to think some of you reading this blog would find the information useful, if not important.  It's for you, I have restored the format to a more static layout.

I am always looking for a ways to make this blog a more pleasurable viewing experience and if another format comes along, more modern yet allows me to present the information in a suitable manner, I will not hesitate to make the change.

So please stick around any enjoy the blog for what it is worth.  I think you will still like it older style or not.


Marv S. said...

Blogs are about content, not layout. I come here to learn and read your insights. Frankly, I like this layout better.

Thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts on this great sport keep me deeply interested on a daily basis! Thank you for sharing, and I think either way works just as well!

Blaine said...

Change and diversity are always good. Thanks for allowing us to be informed.

Anonymous said...


My thoughts echo earlier reaction. Unless you do something to make it really difficult to read your thoughts or leave a comment, I'll be here.

Some blogs and forums allegedly about horse racing post about sleeping partners, wish ill health on others and thrive on personal attacks.

Thank you for maintaining a horse racing page that actually discusses horse racing.

edge1124 said...

I did question the change a few months back as I liked the original format and not the change to a new one......I prefer to scroll down and see all as it is, simple and now windows popping up and back buttons etc....I always appreciate new efforts but I too just like this type of format....and yes it is all about the content which is why I pop in 3 or 4 times a week.

Thanks for the posts!