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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Morrisville Sale

One of the regional sales took place at Morrisville, New York this past weekened.  Our resident sales watcher, VFTRG contributor Joe F. gives us his take on the sale.

The annual sale at Morrisville College was held on Sunday. 125 yearlings sold for an average of $10,246. The number of yearlings that passed through the sale decreased 19% from 2011 to 2012 and that number was down another 18% on Sunday. However the sale average has increased about 8% since 2011. This is a quirky sale in that some of the big players in New York are not represented in serious numbers, particularly the Blue Chip stallions. For Instance, there was only one Bettor’s Delight sold and there were two Art Majors.

On the other hand, there are always a plethora of Sand Vic yearlings to choose from, something that serves as a drag on the overall average. There were 15 sold for an average of $4,500 this year, down from 15 sold for an average of $6,900 in 2012. Mercifully there were only four Kenneth Js that actually sold this year; they averaged about $3,600. Last year seven went for $3,700. Give it up.
The first crops of Lucky Chucky and Rocknroll Heaven are the focus of attention in New York this year. Six Chuckys sold for an average of $22,000. The $59,000 sale topper, the only colt, Lucky Pablo, whose dam is half to Crowning Classic as well as the dam of Classic Photo, skews the average.  Aside from him, a pair of fillies brought eighteen and twenty. Four RNR Heaven colts and one filly averaged $15,400, with the only filly leading the pack at $26,000. Twenty-nine Chuckys and an equal number of Heavens will sell at Lexington.

Morrisville’s own RC Royalty, sire of Royalty For Life, is a mainstay of this sale. Seventeen sold for better than a $13,000 average this year, with fourteen of those bringing $10,000 or more. His high was a $25,000 filly. That was more than twice the number sold in 2012 when his four colts averaged almost $29,000 and his four fillies more than $11,000. There are three RC Royalties selling at Harrisburg and none at Lexington. RFL’s success notwithstanding, he’s still viewed as a regional stallion. Aside from RFL, he hasn’t had a great year; Modest Prince and Royal Malinda being a couple of the other good ones.

Last year eleven from the first crop of If I Can Dream sold for an average of about $5,600 at Morrisville. The seven-year-old son of Western Hanover has since been relocated to New Jersey and although this crop is New York eligible only two sold, a filly for $14,000 and a colt for thirteen. Seventeen will be available at Lexington and four at Harrisburg. He’s the sire of Sheppard winner, Forty Five Red, and Big Boy Dreams.

The Walnut Hall stallions that call Morrisville home—Conway Hall, Cash Hall and now Dewey—play a major role in the sale. Seven Conway Halls averaged almost $20,000 this year, up 24% from 2012. The top was a $30,000 colt while five of the seven brought at least $15,000. Conway Hall stands for $7,500. There are a number of good Conway Halls raking in the cash in the NYSS program; Flyhawk El Durado, Mister Anson, Daley Lovin, Proclaiming April and Palm Beach Chic, to name a few.

Cash Hall, who had twenty sell for an average of more than $11,000 in 2012, sold thirteen for an $8,800 average this year. There were twice as many fillies as colts both years. A pair of fillies sold for $20,000 each on Sunday. Fourteen Cash Hall’s averaged under $9,000 in 2011; he’s spinning his wheels sale wise, not down where Sand Vic is, but spinning his wheels nonetheless. There will be one Cash Hall filly available at Lexington and a colt and a filly at Harrisburg. Cash Hall stands for $3,500. Flyhawk Falina, Market Rally and Barn Babe are three of the better Cash Halls. 

The eight-year-old Credit Winner stallion, Crazed, who now stands at Hanover for $6,000, had seven sell for an average of about $16,500. A filly brought $29,000 and a colt $25,000. His average was up slightly from last year when twelve sold. Crazed is having a very good year in the NYSS with General Bill Brown, Tirade Hanover, Crazy About Pat and Theraputic being a few of the better ones.

The Blue Chip stallion, American ideal, has fourteen for sale at Lexington and twenty-seven at Harrisburg. Morrisville seems to get the less attractive portion of the lot every year. Last year eleven brought an average of less than $6,000 while on Sunday seven sold for a $7,100 average. A $15,000 filly topped the group. The lightly staked sensation, He’s Watching, is one of his standouts. American Ideal is the sire of American Jewel, Heston Blue Chip, Idyllic and Romantic Moment.

Like the Canadian Yearling Sale, Morrisville isn’t a great foreshadowing tool for Lexington and Harrisburg, but the overall average is up and the first crop sires were well received. The sky is still intact.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog on the Morrisville sale.

Two comments--do the sales figures you cite for Crazed yearlings reflect the $33,000 paid for hip 69? Also, I think you might mention Cash Me Out as one of the notable Cash Hall 2yos this year since he has earned over $125k going into the NYSS finals at Yonkers this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Hip number 69 was included in the average for Crazed, however, when I listed the highs for the sale my eye went to 2012 instead of 2013. This year at Morrisville Cash Hall had that 33K colt and another at 24.
Yes, Cash Me Out deserved to be listed. I was careful to distinguish the fact that, at this particular sale, Cash Hall has been spinning his wheels sales wise from his performance as a stallion.