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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Highfalutin Sensibilities and other Miscellanery

Well those who enjoy steeplechase racing have to wait at least another year before being able to wager on the races at the Far Hills Steeplechase meet in New Jersey as Governor Christie conditionally vetoed the legislation to eliminate the provision to allow for wagering at steeplechase meets.  It seems pari-mutuel wagering seems to go against the Highfalutin sensibilities of Far Hills and their steeplechase meet.

For those who are not familiar with the Far Hills meet, the meet's proceeds are used to benefit a local hospital and does attract those who consider the meet a social gathering as much as a racing meet.  It is a shame that the town of Far Hills would raise concern over an event that would run one day a year; after all with admission prices starting at $60 for general admission, I doubt many Rodney Dangerfield types would be attending the races.  That being said, meet organizers indicate they may wish to revisit gambling on their races in the future, with wagering being limited to online and at simulcast locations so not to ruin the atmosphere of the Far Hills meet.

Oh yeah, while Far Hills is out this year as a wagering site, Atlantic City still seems on track for October racing on the beach as Christie's conditional veto of the legislation allowing racing on the beach is to be acted upon this week.  We'll see how successful that will be. 

Speaking of Atlantic City, the casinos combined had a 5% loss in gaming revenue for the month of August completing a lost summer.  How much longer will Christie and Sweeney continue to hold out hope that Atlantic City will be able to once again become a premier gaming resort?. 

Though in separate markets, as Tioga Downs concludes their meet this Saturday, Rosecroft Raceway opens for their fall 2013 meet the same day.  Will this be the last meet at Rosecroft?  It depends on who Prince George County gives the one gaming license to.

Good news for Plainridge Racecourse.  Voters in Plainville have approved a host agreement to allow Penn National Gaming (PNG) to operate a racino at Plainridge.  As long as the regulators allow PNG to step in and take over the original application filed by Plainridge, there is a good chance racing will continue in Massachusetts, especially with the state having almost concluded a gambling compact with the Wampanoags Tribal Authority which would result in a full-fledged casino in Taunton, one town over from the former Raynham Greyhound Park, a site competing for the sole slot parlor license, seemingly rendering that location undesirable for a slot parlor.

Walter Case Jr. had his appeal in front of the Pennsylvia Harness Racing Commission yesterday in an attempt to secure a license to participate as a driver.  A decision is expected within thirty days.

If you take time to read through the summary of the decision regarding Bulletproof Enterprises and Jeffrey Brooks appeal of penalties assessed for violating ORC rules in Ontario, you can't help but be distressed by the number of people within the sport dealing with a party known to be banned from participating in the sport. 

Click here to see a monté race from Norway.  The link will only be good for four to five days.  

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