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Monday, September 30, 2013

RUS Update

This past Saturday evening at Mohawk Racetrack, the latest race on RUS Ontario's calendar was contested on Super Night in front of a large crowd.  Competing in the race was Canadian thoroughbred Jockey Emma Jayne-Wilson who was invited to take on the regular riders in the event.

What transpired was perhaps one of the best RUS events of the season as you can see from this video.

Yes, Wilson was the victor in the contest bringing home I'll Be There to victory in 2;02.2, being chased home by Harlequin ridden by Riina Rekila through the stretch.   

The race also shows that experience is the only thing which is going to make these riders more proficient in their racing skills.  When there are no RUS events scheduled in Ontario, these women are spending time training together and getting more horses qualified to increase the supply of horses available for racing.   Racing is not the only thing these women are doing.  They are excellent in promoting RUS as they have at each racetrack meet and greets and promoting RUS Ontario - Getting On Top of the Game.

Not only did the horses and riders put on a good show, the victory was a popular one with those in attendance as you can hear cheering at the end of the race.  Wilson participated in the race to show support for all of  racing in Ontario and if presenting standardbreds in a new style of racing will help racing, so be it.

Meanwhile, down in the lower 48, while RUS racing was absent from Delaware, Ohio this year, it returns to The Red Mile on Kentucky Futurity Day with the horses competing for a purse of at least $15,000 in the Exhibition event.  The race should be contested during the regular wagering card so make sure you get a chance to watch it.


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