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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Miscellanery

It finally happened.  In last night's tenth race at the Meadowlands, Gambler's Tale won from post position twelve, winning by two lengths, paying $22.40 to win.  It goes to show you that you can win from the second tier.

Speaking of it finally happened, the European horse meat scandal has finally reached America, at least accusation-wise, as the Daily Mail has reported the suspicions by some that horse meat contaminated with tree frog juice has made it into the European food chain.  The article doesn't say how they determined the presence of tree frog juice in the horse meat.  Of course, this is on top of the fact that some of the horse meat passed off for beef has already tested positive for bute.     

Do you have a child who wishes to become a veterinarian?  According to the New York Times, they may want to think twice, unless they want to graduate with a lifetime of debt.  It seems we are producing more veterinarians than ever while the demand is less.  We're not talking just about horses, there are less Fidos and Fluffys around these days and in this economy, people are unable to spend what they used to before 2008.  And for those parents planning to send their child to veterinarian school?  It's roughly $63,000 a year; that's after undergraduate school.

While Ready Cash lost the Prix d'Amérique, he has bounced back, winning all starts since then.  Today, Ready Cash won the 400,000€ Prix de Paris in kilometer rate of 1:14.8 (MR 2:00.35) for the 4,500 meters (2 5/8 miles).  Ready Cash came from last to first at the top of the stretch to win the race by a tight nose.  If you watch the entire race, relax; the race went in a time of 5:10.48.  While backers of Ready Cash collected their dividend, they could not have felt that good before the results were official, especially at odds of 1.60-1.

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