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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Newsflash: Lou Pena Has Been Reinstated

A New York Supreme Court Judge has reinstated the license of harness trainer Lou Pena, the result of a hearing held on August 29-31.  As a result, Pena is able to resume owning and training horses immediately.  Of course, the New York Gaming Commission (NYGC), successor to the NYSRWB, has 30-60 days to appeal the decision.  Without seeing the judge's ruling, it is hard to say whether the NYGC will appeal.

It should be noted, even if he resumes training, there is no guarantee which tracks will allow Pena to participate.  It is certain he will remain excluded from the Meadowlands, Tioga Downs, and Vernon Downs. will be having an exclusive interview with Lou Pena forthcoming.

While the decision has not yet been released, back in May I suspected Pena would get his license back in civil court. 


Anonymous said...

The Harnesslink story is missing the "why." I'd like to know if NY's evidence was faulty, if there were procedural mistakes or something else.

The why factor may only change how future action is taken against a suspected cheater. I'm with you, Lou Pena's victory in court doesn't mean he'll have anywhere to race.

Pacingguy said...

Well, the decision was just handed down at the time the article was written. I am sure the 'why's will be forthcoming.

Anonymous said...

The DRF says Pena can train again only because the court didn't like that the NYSRWB/Gaming Commission never made a final decision following the indefinite suspension.

Seems to me if NY issues a lifetime ban or some long suspension the Supreme Court won't interfere and Pena won't really have won anything.

Pena probably realizes that. It could explain why he's staying in California for now and even talking about switching to T-Breds.