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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

So Long Workaholic and Amrbro Goal

The renowned trotter Workaholic passed in France at the age of 30.  I remember Workaholic when he won the Breeders Crown for 2yo trotters at the Red Mile, way back in 1984 at the Red Mile. 

His death was at the French National Stud which purchased him back in 1989 after he had a marginal breeding career in the states due to fertility issues.  When racing in the United States, he was trained by Continental Farms, the group known as the Swedish Invasion as the farm was run by Jan Johnson, Hakan Waller, and Berndt Lindstedt. While Workaholic didn't come back to lead the 3yo division in 1985, there was still enough interest in him as he was purchased by the French National Stud for 1.7 million Euros ($2.27 million in current dollars).  He was a successful stud over in France.

Just another sign of the passing of a generation of horses and gamblers.  Ask how many people about Workaholic and odds are they will tell you about someone at the office.

Since this entry was originally posted, word comes that Armbro Goal died in Denmark at the age of 28.  Here is Armbro Goal winning the 1988 Hambletonian.

The Delaware Harness Racing Commission learned they are on the hook for $102,000 for not adhering to their promise of rehiring former judge Don Harmon who was found innocent of charges of altering a judging sheet. A jury awarded Harmon $102,000 in damages but a lower court ruled that promise could not be actionable on. However, the Delaware Supreme Court ruled since a jury award was based on this promise, the DHRC could not escape the jury verdict.

The highly touted Revel Casino in Atlantic City for which Governor Christie was a big cheerleader as part of Atlantic City's revival has filed for Chapter 11 protection.  Yes, this is the same casino which Governor Christie called 'a game changer for Atlantic City'.  Expect to see this boondoggle in some campaign ad during this upcoming election cycle.

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