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Friday, February 8, 2013

Stung for Half-In, Half-Out; PA Takeout Rates

Now, while I do read the Fines and Suspensions with regularity, I can't say  I seem them every week.  However, what I saw this week did make me feel good as it was the first time I saw a penalty at the Meadowlands for driving half-in, half-out.  For this penalty, the driver in question was given a $300 fine, appearing to be for a first offense. 

Now, I don't know how often the judges have been citing drivers for racing half-in, half-out and making their pockets lighter or if unless flagrant, the judges have been just warning drivers about it, but it'd be nice to see all drivers who violate the rule get dinged in the pocket.  

For those few who still wager in Pennsylvania, I thought you'd enjoy seeing the takeout rates for 2013 at the three harness tracks in the Keystone State.  Considering the rates in comparison to others, The Meadows is the most playable as long as you avoid the Trifecta.  Pocono Downs is okay for the Double and Exactas but a bad play for all other wagers including WPS.  Harrah's Philadelphia is okay to play as long as you avoid the Pick-3, Trifecta, and Superfectas.

2013 Takeout Rates at Pennsylvania Tracks

Pocono Downs
Win, Place Show 19%
Double, Exacta 20%
Pick Three, Pick Four, Trifecta, Superfecta 30%

The Meadows
Win, Place, Show 17%
Exactas, Multi-Race Wagers 20%
Trifecta 35%

Harrah’s Philadelphia
Win, Place, Show 17%
Exactas, Doubles 20%
Pick Three 26%
Pick Four 15%
Trifecta 30%
Superfectas 32%

For comparison purposes, here are the takeout rates for the Meadowlands:

Win, Place, Show  17%
Exacta, Doubles 19%
Trifecta 25%
Superfecta, Pick Three 20%
Pick Four 15%


Anonymous said...

The highest was 25% last year at Pocono. What's going on? The Meadows has had that terrible take out on triples for years. Can't bet them.

Pacingguy said...

This link shows the rates submitted for 2013.