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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ontario's (Canada's) Fight for Our Future

The Canadian Sportsman has put out a 24 page insert, titled "Fight for Our Future" which talks about what the impact would be on the racing industry if the OLG Slots at Track program would be ended.  It is a powerful piece which they hope gets seen by the decision makers in Toronto and elsewhere.

It really is a fight for Canada's horse racing future.  Let's face it, especially with harness racing, Ontario is the promised land.  Horsemen in Alberta, British Columbia, and elsewhere in the nation always have the hope they come upon a horse which can compete in Ontario for the lucrative purses and a prolonged racing season.  For some of them, that one horse they come across may be what keeps them in the business.  Without the possibility of getting that one horse, a horse person in Manitoba or elsewhere may just hang it up and leave the business.  This decision by the Liberals in Ontario impacts the whole nation.

If you know someone in Ontario, pass a long this link to the supplement.  You may be educating someone to see the damage this current policy will have on racing.

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