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Friday, April 27, 2012

Harness Racing Zen

A Moment of Harness Racing Zen - I can't embed the video on my blog, but to me there is nothing like racing on a country track.  Plain and simple.  Well, they have this type of racing in France as well. While the sound is not the best, click on this link and see a race from a regional track in France, specifically Neuillé Pont Pierre.  I find this type of racing relaxing.

In this ADW era, I wonder if racing could survive if we had tracks like this instead of our existing tracks; tracks where people could come relax and wager.  I have a feeling operating a race meeting like this would be profitable as the operating  expenses would be much less.  Let the big gamblers wager on their computers and let those who appreciate racing as a sport first show up at the track.

Let me know, would you wager on races at a track like this and/or would you go to a race meeting like this?  I know I sure would.  Even watching from home, this racing is so tranquil and a nod to our past.

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JLB said...

I definitely would, and, of course, what this is reminding you of is
Goshen Historic. As I am sure you remember, pari-mutuel betting was allowed there in the 1970's, although the programs only printed basic information with, as I recall, no past performance data whatsoever. Betting was banned by, I believe, the bequest of the property by the Harriman estate. It would be wonderful if permission could be obtained to restore betting, as it is centrally located for most NYS horsemen, the track is well-maintained, and modern pari-mutuel machines could accommodate the action.