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Friday, April 13, 2012

Monticello Responds to Reports

In response to an article in Harnesslink which was also referenced here and no doubt other places, Monticello Raceway has issued the following press release.

(Track management to impose a lifetime ban on anyone engaging in the practice of buying or selling horses for slaughter)

In response to David Mattia’s recent article published at, Monticello Raceway has zero tolerance for the predatory practices described in his article.   We are fully investigating the allegations and are attempting to obtain the identity of any individuals who have information or who are alleged to engage in these practices.  Monticello Raceway executives have met with the Chairman of the Racing and Wagering Board, the Presiding Judge at Monticello Raceway and representatives of Monticello Harness Horsemen’s Association.   Monticello Raceway does not permit unlicensed individuals in our paddock or backstretch areas and we will impose a lifetime ban and report to the Racing and Wagering Board any person believed to be engaging in buying or selling horses in our backstretch areas for the purpose of sending them to the slaughterhouse. 

Racing and Wagering Board Chairman John Sabini stated that, “Anyone who uses their license to gain access to the backstretch for purposes of horse slaughter will be subject to Board review and possible revocation.”  Cliff Ehrlich, the President and General Manager of Monticello Raceway said, “Anyone who engages in buying or selling horses for purposes other than providing a lifetime of care for the horse is not welcome at Monticello Raceway.” 

It's good to see Monticello taking action.  Will it permantly stop the backstretch kill buyer, only time will tell.  One thing for sure, other racetracks need to ask themselves what is happening on their backstretch and resolve the problem before they end up in the next article.

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Harry Lare said...

Only reason Monticello responded was because they were exposed.
Does anyone actually think Monticello Raceway gives a rats behind? They certainly don't care about Harness Racing so why should they care about this.