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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Notes

The new date for Jeff Gural's NMRLCC to take control of the Meadowlands is December 5.  This will allow the few labor issues to be resolved and allow the NJRC to approve a license for the NMRLCC.  Meanwhile, there are no new developments to report in the apparent dispute Morris Bailey has with the NJSEA where Bailey considers the Memo of Understanding null and void; no doubt seeing one last chance to gain concessions from the state.

So what is this non-binding referendum to legalize sports betting in New Jersey casino's and racetracks all about?  Earlier this year, State Senator Lesniak's suit to have the federal ban declared unconstitutional was tossed because the court ruled he had no legal standing as the state did not decide to offer sports wagering.  If this legislation is approved, Lesniak should have the legal standing to re-initiate the suit if the federal government doesn't overturn the ban.  While the referendum would approve sports wagering for casinos and racetracks, my concern is the casinos will seek the enabling legislation to only include casinos; and exclude racetracks.  Don't think it can happen? Just because the constitution permits it doesn't mean the enabling legislation gets passed.  Racing interests must remain vigilant to make sure they are not double crossed.

Remember the outrage last year the the Breeders Cup regarding Life At Ten? Pullthepocket has an interesting blog article about Pastor Stephen last weekend at Mohawk; how he looked horrible in the post parade for the Canadian Trotting Classic elimination and the vets let him race.  PTP claims how hard it is for the vets to scratch a horse from a top stable in an event like this, but my question is why didn't the trainer and driver pull the plug on him?.  Oh, I know, the answer will be they hoped the horse would warm up out of it.  In the meanwhile, those who supported Pastor Stephen lost out and the horse is lucky to have only broken his coffin bone; it could have been worse.

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Bonnie said...

Rumors are flying about the Monmouth backstretch-

Bailey is out- Brunetti is in.

Stay tuned.