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Friday, September 30, 2011

An Inspiring Piece

The Winner's Wire has an interesting piece on Ricky Macomber Jr.  Ricky is a successful driver in the Midwest and Florida.  Some of the Eastern track elitists may disagree, but while Ricky may never make it to the tracks in the East he is a champion driver in his own way.  I will let you read the article to discover on your own why.

The sales at Lexington are about to begin and it promises to be a better year than last year, though I am not sure as good as some people think it will be.  A good predictor is the Morrisville College sale was up 10.4% this year, but horses that sell at Lexington tend to more royally bred.  While you would think this will bode well for the sale, we need to remember they are selling Cadillacs at Lexington, not Chevys as at Morrisville so the entry price will be higher.Hence, a 10.4% increase involves a lot more dollars.   Also, these buyers will likely be impacted more by the recent stock market swoon and you will see more partnerships on the top horses so owners who could afford to bid on the regally-bred horses will not be bidding against each other.  So while prices will likely increase, the increases may be more modest.

It will be interesting to see how New Jersey breds do at Lexington.  While the Meadowlands will be racing next year, racing dates in New Jersey will roughly 160 days, including Freehold which limits the ability of lesser NJ breds to race in state-restricted overnights.  I am also curious to see how Perretti's horses do as this is the next to last year they are offering yearlings for sale.

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