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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Meadowlands Update

Regarding my article yesterday regarding the Meadowlands possibly being in jeopardy again, reports Jeff Gural has received his lease and it is being reviewed by his lawyers and the re-banking of the track is under way.  With regards to the Monmouth issue, Gural indicates the state always wanted both leases done at one time but he believes they are past that point.  Of course, this is New Jersey so anything is possible.  You can read the article for information regarding what is hopefully the last roadblock to pass. 

My guess is if there is some accommodation of Bailey's concern regarding the $4 million loan by the the NJTHA to Monmouth Park, Bailey will go through with the deal; it is merely a last minute negotiating ploy.

Was my prior post regarding the Meadowlands being sensationalist?  I don't think so, neither do the Standardbred horsemen.  We have seen this saga go on way too long with so many turns and complications, the only way I will be comfortable with the deal being concluded is when the lease is signed, sealed, delivered, and approved.

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