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Thursday, June 23, 2011

When I Blow It, I Blow It

Well, when I blow it, I really blow it.

Apparently I really blew it when I called the Breeders Crown an "old boy's network".  With respect to the article I had earlier posted about the Breeders Crown, my memory really failed me and I got sloppy.  Since I always try to be accurate, I deleted the original entry and am posting a retraction here.  As I was reminded:

We have raced Breeders Crowns in the day and in the night----sent races to Down Under as far back as 1998…have been @ the forefront of the international simulcast including a large block of the BC races from Pocono last year…have worked hard (and mostly in vain) to get international horses over here for the Crown races…and lots of other initiatives.   In the past 28 years we have had rotation of tracks from Edmonton to Pompano as well as blocs of races at one track  and really worked had to get to the 12 races on one night format. It puzzles me to be called an old boys' network since there is very little backslapping going on, and of all races the BC has worked hard to  be flexible in format and conditions 

Clearly I was wrong in my original characterization and I apologize accordingly.. 

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Pull the Pocket said...

Good retraction. There are a lot of problems in harness racing, and the folks at the BC are far down the list.