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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Surveying New Wagers

The USTA has issued it's calendar for the Strategic Wagering Program for July and there is finally a wager for the little guy to be interested in.  On July 3, Chester has a $20,000 guaranteed Exacta Pool for the 12th race.

Speaking of bets, does the current menu of wagers satisfy you or do you think standardbred racing can use some new wager types?  Many in the industry think a V75 wager is the way to go, but maybe you don't thinks so.  HANA Harness has put together a new survey which describes wagers which are traditionally not offered on harness racing or are offered in Europe or Australasia.  If you are a bettor, please take the survey and let us know what you think about each wager.  HANA Harness is aware customers are afraid of pool dilution, so please don't consider that when reviewing these wagers.  Each wager should be reviewed in isolation, on its own merits with no concern of pool dilution.

In addition to these new wagers, we have a couple of questions regarding HANA Pool Parties.  Which days work best for you and what type of wager would you like to see included in future pool parties?

So if you are a horseplayer, please take this streamlined survey.  It should take no more than 10 minutes.  You may access the survey by clicking on the above links or going to

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


ITP said...

New wagers are not the answer!

The only way a new wager will work is if the takeout is reduced. If that's the case, then why not just lower takeout on the wagers which every bettor is familiar with?

Pacingguy said...

Of course takeout reduction is important, but that was not the purpose of this survey; takeout reduction is understood by HANA.

The point is some of these bets are very popular overseas and may stimulate interest by gamblers looking for more jackpot opportunities; middle of the road players, looking for something different, perhaps looking for the ability to play parlays if they can't get to the track or stay the whole time where fractional winnings are bet it; wagers that may attract the relative newcomers who are looking for something easier to play.

Think about it, how revolutionary would a V3 be in this country where you select the horses ass you go so you can see them warm up?

You may be happy with the wagers offered, but others may not. Is there any harm in seeing if any of these wagers would work (with a low takeout)?

Pacingguy said...

One last thought. If for some reason people don't want new bets, wouldn't it be better to present that to track operators and the USTA so they don't spin their wheels creating wagers that won't help a thing?