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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tioga Downs Pool Party Review

This Sunday, it's everyone in the pool.  More precisely, the Pick 6 Pool as HANA and Tioga Downs presents it's first pool party for harness racing in the United States.  In addition, to the $10,000 guaranteed Pick 6 wager,  Tioga Downs is presenting some of the best FFA pacers in the land in the $178,000 Artiscape for Mares and the $208,000 Bettor's Delight for horses and geldings.  Due to the number of entries in the Artiscape, only The Bettor's Delight will be included in the Pick 6 sequence.

The Artiscape had the potential to being a good betting race but due to the common ownerships in the race, there are only five betting interests between the ten horses.  A lot of people hate the coupling of these horses, but the HANA Survey indicated gamblers still want horses coupled for common ownership.  This is the problem of having only one stakes race for older mares.  Racing secretaries attempt to avoid scheduling common stakes on the same day, but this results in situations like this.  If there were more than one stakes race, a trainer may send a second tier horse to another stakes race instead of competing in the same race.

If you haven't checked it out by now, the Horse Players Association of North America blog has some information regarding ADWs and racetracks who are offering special deals to their customers who wager on the Sunday Tioga card.  In addition, you can click here to get free programs courtesy of Trackmaster.

For those who like computer selections, Ray, a regular at Pace Advantage, has donated his selections for Sunday's card.  While I do my own betting, I always like to check to see what the experts say.

As typical for these types of events, I will be providing my selections for the Tioga Card.  In non-Pick 6 races, I will just list my top three or four (Superfecta races); provide detail analysis for the two stakes races with comments for each horse; Pick 6 races will have my selections plus comments about horses you may wish to consider for your Pick 6 ticket.

Here is the wagering menu at Tioga Downs:
Daily Double - first two and last two races
Exacta and Trifecta ($.50 minimum) - each race
Superfecta ($.10 minimum) - 4th, 7th, and 13th races
Pick 3 ($1 minimum) - Starts with races 3 and 6
Pick 4  ($1 minimum) - Starts with race 10
Pick 6  ($1 minimum) - Starts with race 8 (Sundays only) - $10,000 guaranteed pool
Please note while there are the stated minimums, your ADW or simulcast location may have a higher minimum).

Well, here we go:

Tioga Downs - Sunday, June 12, 2011

1st Pace - $9,500; 3-5YO Colts LC
5 - Dry Gulch (Brennan, 2-1)
3 - Busta Move (Mc Givern, 7-2)
1 - Cruiseomatic (Gingras, 10-1) ,

2nd Trot - $9,000; Non Winners $6,001 Last 5 Starts
1 - Perfect Chance (Grismore, 7-2)
5 - Ginger Tree Wanda (Micallef, 12-1)
3 - High Pan Tolerance (Bartlett, 9-2)

3rd Pace - $6,600; $7,500-$10,000 Claiming Handicap
4 - Custom Crafted (Hensley, 5-2)
8 - Hay Goodlooking (Gingras, 7-2)
5 - Savannah Scion (Grismore, 6-1)

4th Pace - $3,600; $4,000 Claiming
5 - Sisyphus (Fluet, 7-2)
1 - Melton Multimax (Rucker, 10-1)
6 - Vic The Brick (Hensley, 3-1)
3 - Scarlet Champion (Paquet, 9-2)

5th Pace - $16,500; Open Handicap
3 - Mcdana N (Gingras, 10-1)
8 - Blueridge Western (Bartlett, 5-2)
6 - Winbak Dimensions (Kakaley, 6-1)

6th Pace - $178,000; The Artiscape - Open Mares
   1 - Ticket To Rock (Jamieson, 5-2) - Seems to be in a little bit deep.
   2 - Shacked Up (Goodell, 2-1)  - Horrible posts at Chester; kept tight at Harrington.  Can be a factor.
2A - Anndrovette (Brennan, 2-1)- Betsy Ross final winner draws another good post. A main contender.
   3 - Best Boss (M Lachance , 6-1)- Won Meadowlands Open; trying better.
1A - Laughandbehappy (Miller, 5-2) - Was competitive at Chester.  May land share with trip.
   4 - On The Glass (Gingras, 9-2) -  Good return.  Should improve but not successful in Blue Chip.
3A - Hula's Z Tam (P Lachance, 6-1) - Has not been successful against this type of horse.
4A - Rock N Soul (Kakaley, 9-2) - Fringe player at Chester.  May land in exotics with perfect trip.
2B - Chancey Lady (Bartlett, 2-1) - Weakest of three horse entry.  Pass.
  5 - Dreamfair Eternal (Waples, 3-1) - , Class of field but draws second tier.  May get tied up in traffic.
Selections: 2A-2-1A-5
Coupled: Ticket To Rock and Laughandbehappy; Shacked Up, Anndrovette, and Chancey Lady; Best Boss and Hula's Z Tam; On The Glass and Rock N Soul
#5 - Dreamfair Eternal scores from the second tier.

7th Pace - $4,600; Non Winners $2,001 Last 5 Starts
8 - Shu Fu (Miller, 7-2)
6 - That's Justice (Fluet, 5-2)
2 - Kitti's Jove (Marohn, 9-2)
9 - Shortest Distance (Brennan, 15-1)

8th Pace - $4,200; $5,000 Claiming
4 - Aboycalledsu N (Paquet, 9-2)
7 - Og's bowchitski P (Plano, 6-1)
6 - Flanagan Storm (Grismore, 5-2)
Start of Pick 6 - This seems to be a race you can single.  Aboycalledsu N seems to have this field measured.

9th Pace - $9,500; 3-5YO Colts LC
5 - Magical New Day (Grismore, 7-2)
7 - Rockstart Temper (Parker, 5-1)
3 - Cracker Pullet (Micallef, 9-2)
Four deep in this race.  In addition to my top three selections in this race, I would include #1 Bet Together as he has not seen a good post in a while.

10th Pace - $208,000; The Bettor's Delight - Open
   2 - Bettor Sweet (Dube, 6-1) - Draws the important rail in an overflow field.  Watch out.
   3 - Valentino (Bartlett, 12-1) - Trip to Canada was a disaster.  Back to form at Pocono.  Contender.
   4 - Hypnotic Blue Chip (Jamieson, 9-2) - Hard to gauge.  Must show more before I include.
   5 - Aracache Hanover (Mcnair, 8-1) - Field too full to be able to race his race.  Pass.
   6 - We Will See (Pierce, 7-2) - Seems to have hit his stride.  Threat.
   7 - Giddy Up Lucky (Goodell, 4-1) - Dan Patch winner having a good year.  Must include.
   1 - Won The West (Miller, 3-1) - Has yet to show his best form.  May wake up but I'll pass.
   8 - He's Gorgeous (Brennan, 20-1) - Local entrant trying much better here.  Just don't see it. 
 1A - Foiled Again (Gingras, 3-1) - A true FFAller.  Post is unkind.
 1B - Atochia (Kakaley, 3-1) - Draws second tier.  Don't think he can overcome.
Selections: 7-6-3
Coupled: Won The West, Foiled Again, and Atochia
#1B - Atochia scores from the second tier.
Wide open event.  In addition to my selections, must include the Burke entry; specifically #1A Foiled Again. 

11th Pace -$9,000; Non Winners $6,001 Last 5 Starts
4 - Icandodgebullets (Gingras, 9-2) 
3 - Opan Heart (Kakaley, 3-1) 
6 - Erichs Best (Paquet, 8-1) 
Looking at two horses in this field.  Icandodgebullets ships in from Yonkers and drops.  Opan Heart also drops but has been racing well.  These two seem to be the best.  If you wanted to go deeper, I would look at PH Bestman who looks good but saddled with poor post.

12th Pace - $7,000; Non Winners $4,001 Last 5 Starts
5 - Stettin Hanover (Gingras, 3-1)
3 - Normie N (Parker, 9-2)
7 - Prince Olympic (Marohn, 8-1)
Looking to single Stettin Hanover in this race.  Moves over from Vernon Downs and drops from $15k claimer.

13th Pace - $3,600; $4,000 Claiming
4 - Handsome Hussy (Paquet, 7-2)
2 - Whiting Hanover (Braden, 9-2)
1 - Quick Change Artist (Hensley, 3-1)
6 - Hobby Art Benka (Kinney, 6-1)
Another single in the finale.  Handsome Hussy just missed in his first start off a scratched sick; figures to improve.

Pick 6 Selection: 4/1,3,5,7/1,3,6,7/3,4,/5/4 - $32

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