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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We Need More Darrin Zoccalis

Darrin Zoccalis, who is a track announcer at Tioga Downs, has decided it is time to take the bull by the horns and attempt to get more people to come out to the track.  Darrin is using Facebook and started a public event at the Meadowlands on Friday, February 18 called Youth Movement At the Meadowlands.  Here is his posting:

This is not an official Meadowlands event. As a 27 year old, who makes his living in the industry of horse racing, I am asking everyone I can find, under 40 especially, to come out to The Meadowlands Racetrack on Friday February 18th. You can enjoy fine affordable dining and drinks in Terraces, or enjoy drinks at Longshot bar and lounge, and find out how much fun, exciting and affordable gambling a bit on horse racing is! Less than a regular night out with your friends, and I will be there all night giving out as many winners as I can. Whether you have never been to the track, or are an old-pro, come out Friday February 18th!

No big planning, no large campaign.  Just using social networking in an attempt to get young people to come to the Meadowlands for a night of racing and socializing.  We need more people like Darrin to just step up to the plate and do something to get people to the track and show people how it can be a fun night with your friends.  That is something you can't do in front of your computer.

So if you are forty and under and live anywhere near the Meadowlands look for the event on Facebook and sign-up.  If not on Facebook, just show up on February 18 and bring a few friends with you.  Who knows, we may get some new fans out of it.  Let's all pass the word and help Darrin get a great turnout.

And for those regulars who do go to the track with regularity, a question for you.  What are you doing to introduce people to a night at the track?


The_Knight_Sky said...

That's great.

Where can I find that link to FaceBook ?

Pacingguy said...!/event.php?eid=193458890673411