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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Veto and an Exchange Fly in the Ointment; HRU Update

In the news yesterday regarding the approval of exchange wagering and single pool wagering in New Jersey, Governor Christie did issue a conditional veto regarding the OTW legislation.  The governor has a problem with the OTWs paying 1% to municipalities accepting an OTW, claiming the local governments will already be getting real estate taxes.  In addition, the Governor had an objection regarding the assignment of OTWs, feeling the NJSEA needs flexibility in the event handing over OTWs to a group to run Monmouth Park is necessary as in the case where the Meadowlands consortium would get the Bayonne location as part of the deal.  The legislature is expected to quickly correct the legislation to meet the governor's objections.

So how quick will exchange wagering come to New Jersey?  I know the ideal would be to have it available at the start of the Monmouth Park meet but the question of fees needs to be resolved.  What makes this negotiation more complicated is even though Monmouth Park will eventually be sold or leased as the Meadowlands will be, the NJSEA will want a cut as well as they will still control certain OTWs; at a minimum, the one in Woodbridge.  With an extra hand in the kitty, the negotiations may take a little longer.  We will probably be lucky to see exchange wagering show up by July.

Trolley enjoying time in the paddock.
You may recall our interview with Anouk Busch, a standardbred trainer who also runs a horse rescue called Horse Rescue United.  One of the horses she had rescued was a quarter horse called Trolley who had a hole in her head, likely the result of abuse.  Well after two surgeries paid for by HRU members and the help of veterinary discounts, she has been adopted, and will be going to her new home in the spring time (whenever that comes).

Anouk recently went to New Holland where may of the horses destined for slaughter in the United State ends up.  At that sale, she picked up three standardbreds.

Jessica in quarantine.
 Two of the New Holland Standardbreds, Cooper and Justice have made it to HRU's farm having completed their quarantine.  It turns out Justice was underweight and pregnant and has since been sent to a breeding farm which has agreed to foster the mare until the foal is two months old.  The third standardbred saved, Jessica, is coming to New Jersey later this week after completing her quarantine.  Jessica will be a challenging case as she has been abused and at this point really doesn't trust humans.  Before Anouk can evaluate Jessica to see what she will be able to do, she must first re-teach her to trust humans. 

There are other people who run rescues.  What makes Anouk amazing is she does this while operating her standardbred stable at the same time.  Granted, her racing stable is not particularlly large, but she is like the Energizer Bunny and keeps on going.

HRU always has horses ready for adoption.  For further information on HRU and which horses are available for adoption, you may check out Horse Rescue United's website.

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